Glam Alpha

If you`re looking for elegance, comfort, efficiency and personalization, we have the perfect bike for your requirement!
Goes by the name of ALPHA and is a recent creation of GLAM CYCLES brand, that bet now on an electric bicycle.
Concerned about your comfort, we have introduced on the new design an electric motor developed by “Politecnico Milano” (Zheus), designated Bike + All in One, with the particularity to allow optimization of energy that cyclist produces while riding.
This engine, with 250 watts, proves to be completely self-sufficient, and therefore independent of the traditional energy sources. Maximizing engine assumes that the user is connected to an application that must be configured in a mobile smartphone.
The bike was inspired by classic lines and minimalist options, privileged to give a more clean and light aspect.
We aim to meet your taste and therefore we leave to your decision the selection of components to be applied and colors to be matched!

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